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    Jul 19, 2010
    I took a small family vacation to GA a few years ago. I talked with a person working at the local store. I ask about how things were with wrok around here. She said levis employed her whole family, Then they move the plant to Mexico for cheaper rates. Well we left and thought to myself the price of my jeans still cost me the same.

    It is hard not to get sucked in to the cheaper prices of low labor, But in reallity Are country big Manufactures product really didnt make the product cheaper for us it just makes their profit more for them. I'm not hating another country, but were slowly flushing work to other countrys. In the short run its great, in the long run its down going backwards blindfolded.

    What does this have to do with hunting? Well I myself obtain a patent on an idea for a treestand that I think will be able to make it easier not only for everybody, but older ones that can't muster the energy anymore to drag, carry, swing around like tarzan to hunt from a tree. My problem is more than 98% of hunting stands get made in China. Their welders/stand makers get paid apporx. $1..00 per day and a bowl of rice. The day being more than 8 hrs by far.

    How does an american man or woman compete with this? How can I feel good about selling out a fellow American? I dont' want to have to call hongkong for a part. Most of all i don't want to see my country go down the tubes. I have a family to think about. My relatives left their country to start something new.

    Well I came to one conclusion. I'm still going to finish making this damn thing. Cause that how I roll. Someone will buy it and I bet they will be American.lightbulb
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    I have been told that the Chinese come over and buy all of the American Made clothing and take it back to China and sell it for over double what we buy it for here. There are a lot of companies making jeans, boots and other goods that outsource a large portion of their products overseas. It is sickening.

    Buy American, support ourselves!