Kansas City


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Dec 22, 2009
Living on the proper side of the state line (Kansas Side) :)

I'm just getting into long range shooting, I've always been interested in it, just never had a fire lit under me, until....

I was out at my usual hunting area with my pops about a month back, just before deer season. We were out messing around, just looking for a coyote or something, when we found one... The only problem was that he was a long way off....

So I rip off a shot anyway, I miss on the first (waaay low). "Hmmmm..... about 6' high, lead him about 3'....BOOOOOM!" And I actually hit him!

Both my Dad and I were in disbelief, after range finding it was about 650 yards!!!! (defenitely beginners luck)

Anyway, so the next time I make a shot like that I want to be able to claim SKILL, not just LUCK.


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