Kampfeld Custom .264 WM


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May 14, 2009
Southern, Indiana
Selling my long range rifle.

"Carnivore" built by Karl Feldcamp of Kampfeld Customs

Remington 700 LA SS ADL
Lilja 3 groove 8 twist barrel weatherby contour (30/378) finished at 30" and fluted 6 flutes
McMillan Remington hunter stock 60 purple, 25 dark grey, 10 grey, 5 black mag fill
2 front SS studs machined in pillars.
Callahan magazine follower
Pacific Tool SS trigger guard
All parts are new for the build.
Work Karl Feldkamp has done;
1. Action trued w/ bolt sleeve installed
2. Chambered for .264 WM throated for 130 grain Barnes tsxs
3. Kampfeld oversized recoil lug and double pinned.
4. Deep floorboard crown
5. Engraved "Carnivore"
6. Time fluted barrel to action.
7. Oversized Hunter bolt Knob and bolt fluted TI style.
8. Open up factory holes to 8x40 tpi threads.
9. Aluminum Oxide blast finish complete rifle.
10. Adjust trigger to 2 1/2 lbs
11. Fabricate a SS front action screw echelon.
12. Skim bed stock.
13. Custom side bolt stop release.
14. Tig weld and redress cam angle on bolt handle.

Only been fired 50 times and sits in my safe wearing a gun sock to protect it.
The rifle is basically new with zero marks or blemished, the buyer would be very satisfied..guaranteed.

Comes with leupold Dual Dovetail bases and 1" rings and shipped in a hard case.

$2800 Firm