Kalifornia .223 semi-auto rifles?


Oct 30, 2007
Carlsbad, CA
I live in CA, and I am looking for a inexpensive ($500-900) semi-auto for ~300 meters(yards) varmint hunting. I found a Kel-Tec su-16Ca or a Ruger Mini-14 in .223.

Can I successfully hunt Coyotes with eater of these scoped rifles? I am a C&R (03FFL), and my rifles are large bore (6.5 to 8mm), and I've always use open sights.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanx, Dante':

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I dont think the Keltecs are too accurate. I would go with a mini14, as its got tons of aftermarket support.

You could also go with a AR style rifle, as long as its not on the ban list and you have a bullet button on it your good to go. If you want more info on the legalities of AR's check out calguns...
Definitely check out a CA-compliant off list lower (OLL) AR-style rifle. Much more accurate and versatile than the Kel-tec or a stock Ruger mini-14.
OK, but what rifles are OLL? ( I saw the flow chart) A Sigma (?) 5.46X39 that maybe like an AK-74.

What are other more accurate/better choices than a Kel-Tic su-16CA or Mini-M-14 for under $1000?

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There are dozens of brands that qualify for OLL. Visit almost any gunshop and they'll help you. They might try to sell you a Sig or a Ruger, but they also can get the "regular" OLLs.

Mine are Sun Devil and High Standard, plus some unbuilt lowers branded LAR Grizzly.
A close friend just purchased an AR-15, he lives in Mariposa. Not sure which dealer he went thru. It is a nice rifle.
I'm pretty sure I will buy a Kal Tec su 16ca, but I'm confused about the OLLs.

Are they parts that must be built by me, or can they be bought assembled?

I'd rather do my research on the internet before going to a gun store.

Thanx Dante' :)
I questioned my friend about his AR.
He said his rifle came with a 5 shot magazine and a screw that was stragically placed to prevent a higher cap (10 or 30 rd) magazine from being inserted into the rifle.
If the screw "falls out of the rifle" the rifle will then accept 30 rd magazines. Don't forget to get that missing screw replaced should it fall out on you... know what I mean?
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