Kahles's K624i MOA Rifle Scope - The Best LRH Scope?

Andy Backus

Field Editor
Staff member
Dec 21, 2009
Ernie Bishop has become a very good "western state” friend of mine. Ernie is a much more accomplished long range shooter than I will ever be. And he has much broader experience than I do in shooting. I value his opinions big time. So in his earliest days of using the Kahles scope he asked if he could write a review of it for LRH. I replied: "Well, of course you can!”

A month or so later after much more time behind the scope he called me to say he was about to email the completed article to me. He said: "Len, this is the best scope I have ever used and I have decided to actually say that in the article.” I thought "Wow, that is a powerful statement coming from Ernie.”


CLICK HERE to read Ernie's Kahles 624i review article.

CLICK HERE for more information or to purchase a Kahles 624i scope at the LRH store with FREE SHIPPING.


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