Kahles Wien ZF39 Repair facility / recomendation

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    Aug 12, 2011
    I hope I get some help here on this forum, I recently acquired a KAHLES WIEN ZF39 Scopes. I has variable power and it has the German Post Reticle. The adjustment knobs or windage or elevation, to better discribe it are made out of brass and have a set screw on each knob to lock it.

    My question is this. Does anyone know of a facility where it can get fixed. A family member took if off a Mauser Rifle and did not have use for the scope. So he passed it on to me.

    The reason is that the scopes variable power ring seems to get stuck between the 5X -7X power. the scope is a 5X-12 power scope to my knowledge as I have not put to much attention to it.

    So know I have decided to find out if a optic company can repair this vintage scope. Who do you all recommend. Its a nice scope and the glass is perfect, I would hate use the scope as a paper weight if I cant get it repaired, it might be for sale, I really dont know how much this scope cost, I saw one on the internet for $400, and another on Ebay for $800, but the adjustment knobs were more modern. I sure would not mind putting this scope on my BRNO 611, or a vintage rifle.

    Your help is appreciated. gun)
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