Kahles K418 vs Nightforce - Oops


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Dec 21, 2008
I am having a .30 Hart rifle built for longrange options while hunting Elk and Bear. Weight always being a consideration I thought long and hard about the scope I "needed" and decided to purchase the Kahles 4.5x18 with target turrets (very hard to find by the way). The Nightforce 3.5x15x50 lost out only because of the excessive weight and was advised that although very good, the optics were not quite as good as the Kahles.
Yesterday I finally found a dealer that actually stocks the NF scope and found the optics to be excellent (at least during the day). Bottom line is I think I may have made the wrong decision. For the same $$, the NF has the illuminated recticle, but it IS a 30 oz. scope and an inch longer than my 21 oz. Kahles. The Kahles also has 1/8 inch clicks which at ranges of 700-800 yards could take a while to dial up.
Would appreciate opinions on which way to go here. I already have the Kahles (NIB) and would also consider the 3x10x32 NF if folks think that is enough scope for my purposes.
Thanks. This is my first post.
Oops is right...

Dump the Kahles and get the NF 3.5x15x50.

Although the Kahles is a good scope, it would not be my scope of choice for your application. The NF will better serve you with .25 moa clicks, illuminated reticle, repeatibility, etc, etc... you just need to get past the few extra ounces.
HF, first, welcome aboard, it's a great place.

how far is "long range" i hate to agree with Joel, but he's giving you good ju-ju.
Long range for hunting (for me) is about 700-800 yards as the energy in my load is probably acceptable out to that range for my intended targets. I would however like the pleasure of popping water jugs or some thin skinned game such as whitetails up to 1000 yds.
I think from a purely technical aspect the optics of the Kahles are probably better than the NF but the difference is so negligible the other assets of the NF probably outweigh this one advantage (less the weight issue).

I am relatively sure I could sell the Kahles for what I paid for it without too much trouble I just want to make sure that this is the right move. Any insight would be appreciated. Great forum by the way. Thanks, Havingfun
Sell the Kahles, buy the Nightforce. I purchased a Nightforce scope awhile back, and if money allows, they will be the only scopes I buy in the future. They just have to much going for them for the price. If you plan on shooting out to 1,000yds even for fun, as you stated, you might want to look at the5.5-22 Nightforce.I beleive it is the same weight as the 3.5-15.
trueblue, thanks for the advise.
As you can see from the threads, the OVERWHELMING opinion is to sell the Kahles and get the NF. All have provided sound input and to that end I thank everyone and I am going to attempt to sell the Kahles and move over to the NF. Having said that however, the Kahles is an excellent scope so if I end having to keep it because I can't turn it around, I guess there are worse problems to have. In the end, it would do an excellent job on my hunting rifle, it's just that the NF might be a little better for my particular application.
Would really love to hear from someone who actually has used the Kahles K418 but that is not likely to happen as they are somewhat new and now very hard to find. Apparently, (as of 1 December, 2008) Kahles doesn't currently have a U.S.A. distributor for their products. That being the case, dealers have run out of stock but can't get any more. There was rumor that the scope was being discontinued but when I spoke to Kahles (AU), they said it is in fact, a very popular scope and they have no plans to drop it from their line. Thanks again to all. GREAT forum.
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