Just when you thought the ammo shortage was about over here comes the copper shortage !

Don Titus

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Jan 11, 2013
My thought as to why we can't get bullets is because the bullet makers are now loading ammo with the ones they produce. Think about it....
Hornady started out making bullets........
Speer started out making bullets.....
Sierra started out making bullets.......
Nosler started out making bullets......
Berger started out making bullets..............
and the brass that you can't get is going where? Yep, you guessed it......to the companies loading the ammo. And what about those primers and powder that you can't get either? Same thing. Why? Because it's all about the buck and they make more on loaded ammo then they do components.
Not only that, they can control the supply to keep prices up and dig deeper in everyone's pockets. Hunting season is coming across the country.....let's see what happens.
That's my opinion anyway.
No doubt about it!


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Mar 17, 2003
Delta Junction Ak
The ammo situation is crazy no hunting ammo lots of 223 and 9mm.I worked 8 gun shows and it's crazy .I want to know where the million 22 shells cci makes a day go .We never see any at any stores .The hunting ammo is the worse Wal-Mart started the whole thing not selling 223 and handgun ammo .I read that out west they are cutting off farmers and copper mines .