Just Curious! Whats everyones favorite hunting rifle?

FN Musketeer, .308 Norma Magnum, topped with a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40. This is my absolute favorite deer rifle, there is no question when you pull the trigger, shooting i think 75gr of H1000 under a 180gr Sierra flat base spitzer, needless to say its not something id shoot all day long, but it does the job quite well.
Probably most memorable moment to date was the first year i had it, was on a deer drive with some friends and jumped a coyote off a gut pile. the 'yote ran up the hill a flat or so, turned broadside and caught a 180 behind the shoulder, the force on impact literally carried him close to a foot backwards. entrance was golfball sized, exit was softball sized. If i had to bet my life on one rifle this would be it.
Remington Model 700 300 RUM 26" broughton heavy contour trigger set at 1 1/2 lb. Powder retumbo 210 berger DE break Next time around it will be converted into a .338 EDGE:D

Ruger model 77 bought in 1979 topped with Redfield 4x12 7MM Mauser caliber. The gun now wears a Vortex Viper scope with the BDC reticule. Shoots Hornady Amax 162 grain in front of 46.3 grains of WW 760with fully preped brass inside of a half inch at one hundred. The best group I ever got was .453 inches at 200 for three shots.I've had too many wonderful hunts with that gun to pick just one.
Winchester Mod 70, Pre 64, 270 Win, shooting 130grain Hornady SST, 54.5 grains of IMR 4831, topped with Leupold Vari X-II 3x9x40. It is the only one I have yet:D:D:D
Best hunt, first whitetail buck, 8 pointer very symmetrical, first deer I hunted ever.
Looking forward on getting a 223, a 308, a 338 Lapua or 338 Edge, and a special pistol.
I have an old Springfield 3006 I cant call it my favorite rifle but its the first rifle I killed a Deer with, I was 10.
My best Rifle is a .35 MARLIN SC I was given way back in 1970 from my Uncle, I have dropped
a **** pile of Deer over the years, I honestly cant even give an accurate number but if I said over 30 I would be close. When it hits a Deer they die right now! I have never had a Deer run off. they drop. I like shots in the swamps where you have to shoot between limbs where a Golf ball can just get through.
Best shot I have ever made was on the last day of the season and past shot on every Doe and on that last day I made a shot on a Doe I could not make a lung/heart shot but the wind was in my face and they were 70 yards from me, and they were looking at me! what the heck" after about 10 minutes of ducking bobbing and steping hard trying to get me to move I
(was tucked into two pine trees,) well they gave up and relaxed and I took the best shot I could get right up the bridge of her nose and out the back of her head..NO SCOPE!.
Ruger M77 MKII in 7mm rem mag w/ Nikon prostaff 3-9x40. Shot a doe at 300 yds, went down fast. With 154 Hornady RNs loaded to min. great woods gun to.
well right now it has to be my Weatherby Mark V in 7mm STW shooting a 168 Berger at 3330fps. Scope is a Leupold 8.5x25-50. This year i killed a doe with this gun at 580 yards shot a 4.25 in group at 620. All factory just some good handloads and a steady trigger finger:D
Three way tie, between my favorite three model 70 Winchesters. 30-06 had a 3x9 Nikon now burris 3x9x40 bplex. Cause its worked on everything from age 13 till present. I just needed one that reached farther with more energy.
270wsm 4.5x14x42mm a/o bplex, shoots flat carries nice and hits hard.
300wby 4.5x14x42mm a/o bplex, does anything I ask it to within reason.
Too close to pick a favorite and way too many great memories with each to pick a favorite. First deer/bear/elk/coyote/first decent group at 500 yds etc. All in all I guess I would use the 270wsm for all round everything rifle so maybe its my favorite.
This might sound crazy on this sight but you have to know that I hunt in Alabama and we have thick harwood forest. I have a MOBU camo Browning BAR Short Track in 308 that is very accurate with Hornady SST 165gr ammo. It's my go to rifle when the bucks start chasing does.
I like my John Gallagher custom 25-06 and 7mm Rem. Mag for cutovers and gas lines.gun)
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Sniper2, How is the barrel holding up in that 6mm-06ai we put together. That was a few years back. Is it still shooting good? I have hardly shot mine. I forgot I even had it until you mentioned it last year.

Sniperjwt, What load you shooting in that STW? I have a mk 5 wby in 7stw I have never shot and plan to this spring. I have some loads in my other stw's but not that fast. That is a great load.
Mauser Brazilian 1908, 270 Win, first w/a 24" Douglas then after about 3500 rounds, a Lilja 27" bbl.

Fajen thumbhole stock 3-9 leuy. 140 gr Hornady BTSP @ 3200 fps.

Tons of chucks, plenty of yotes, many mule deer and one dumb moose.

It was the only rifle I had from 1966 though 2005.

No drop charts, no nothin'. We could get the job done at a right fur piece.:)
LTLR the 6/06 a.i. has had too many burners down the tube from bug holes to over m.o.a. will still take deer but can't pierce their ears anymore...
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