Just Built 6.5 Sherman Short Tac

Big Smitty

Apr 5, 2014
Just had this rifle built by Tyson Crabb at C-Precision Custom Rifles in Dallas, GA. Here's the rundown... trued Rem 700 short action, spiral fluted bolt, Trigger Tech Trigger, standard Rem drop box bottom metal, 24" proof carbon fiber barrel with a radial muzzle break, set in an H-S Precision sporter stock, Burris tactical 2 piece bases with Nightforce light weight 30mm rings and a Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16X44 scope. Very happy with it. Want to thank Tyson and Rich Sherman for all of their help on the project.

I'll get to shoot it next weekend. Have 100 rounds ready to fire form loaded with 54 grains of RL26 and 143 gr ELD-X bullets. Excited to see how it runs.


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