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    Aug 21, 2011
    Just a note to introduce myself My name is Rick Lawrence Im 58 , on all other forums Im known as Westcoaster, but it was taken so I used Westcoasterone here. Im an avid waterfowler and I hunt deer, hogs and spot and stalk bear here in central California. I live about 10 miles northeast of Sacramento and consider myself a Northern California person. Was very avid deer hunter till my youngest son intrduced me to Duck Hunting, been doing it with a rage for about 11 years, but have had a longing to get back into my deer hunting. It helped to finally after 6 long years to draw my x-zone of choice. Also got a new rifle a Weatherby Vangaurd 300 wsm, I have a 300 rum and wanted to downsize some because of some recent shoulder surgerys ( both sides ) and want to stay in the 30 caliber range ( I use a lead sled at the Range) . Have let my reloading kinda slip some ( alot ) and am starting it back up also. Went out and bought 150 new cases and some new goodies to adorn the bench with. Ive found alot of new stuff out there and going to be using my pet power IMR-4350 but am looking for some help on starting loads, Im using Horady 180, speer 168, nosler 180 and 165s. Just maybe some base loads for the 180 gr would be a help. Not looking for anyones competive loads and if info comes thru PM is no issue. Thanks in advance for those who spend some time helping out anouther hunter / reloader knock some rust off .gun)
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    Welcome, This has been a great site to be a member of. You Will love it here. Glad to have ya
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    Glad to have you helps us old guys out.