John Burns Scope Question


Apr 16, 2004
Toledo, Ohio
Hi, I'm new to the forum and like to say hi to everyone and I have a question on a scope I saw last night on the Outdoor Channel, it was John Burns in Best of the West and he putting on a shooting clinic where he shot at three targets that were about 14" high with a ballon tied to each and they were set a 175 yds, 350 yds, and 625 yds., or close to those yards, well his friend with his laser finer just read off the distance and John justs dials in the elevation knob which only had graduations like 1, then a mark for 150 and then 2, then a mark for 250, etc. He just dial in what ever distance and took the shot. The scope look like a mil-dot, but it also had three lines going across. Can anyone tell me what kind of scope this is, I would like to get one. I'm used to seeing a bunch of graduations on the windage and elevation knobs which usually represent 1/4", 1/8", etc. This was really slick. Thanks for your help.

dbuck it sounds like the Ballistic Mil-Dot on the some of the Burris Black Diamond scopes. The mil-dots are mainly for windage & the plex is for trajectory.
I just saw the same show this a.m. and the rifle demo with the ballons...Also the hunting shots at over 600 yds...What kind of rifle was this guy shooting? Shots were verified by the rangefinder...Caliber, etc....thanks. Kroc
Kroc, I don't know, but I sure would like to talk to John Burns and see what that set up was (rifle/scope). I don't know if he ever visits this web site, but if he does maybe he can give us an answer. My guess on the rifle is its a 300 WinMag, but I could be way off base. I have a 30-06 and I wouldn't take the shot, not that I couldn't make it, but their's not enough energy left to knock down an Elk Bull, so its got to be something bigger then that. I love that scope.


John does visit this web site. The rifle he shoots is a 7 stw that he buildt.

The recticule in his scope is like you saw on TV that he designed hisself. I'm not sure what scope (power) he had on his rifle, but he shoots leupold VX-3's.

The turret he makes for his scopes is the reason he can dial the yardage. With his turret it makes hunting shots fast and accurate.

He puts alot of work into the turrets, calculating the tragetory for all the ranges he shoots. The turrets are cartridge/bullet specific.

Just a little info till he gets around to replying

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Sorry I took so long to get to this. Thanks Len for helping out.

Rifle was a custom 7mm STW that I built. I also built the Bullet Drop Compensator but you can get one from Kenton Industries. Len posted the website above.

We are working on a video showing a lot of longer range kills and hope to have it finished soon. I will post here if anyone is interested in it.

Our television show is on The Men’s Channel (218 on Dish Network)

Thanks wyote
John, thanks for the reply, I was real impressed with that scope and your shooting during that show, I haven't call Kenton yet, but looking at their web site I believe the only scope they will work on are Leupold's, so if you have Nikon you are out of luck, I really like the Nikon Gold, but I might just have to buy a Leoupold and send it to them.

Sorry, gentlemen, I took another look at the Kenton web site and you can replace any scope with their knobs if your current scope has target knobs on them, you just swab them out and its just not Leupold scopes. Sorry about that.
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