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    New member having problems I move his post to here for experienced help.

    couldn't post so I let it do more cookies and it looks like it works now. I got a bunch of malware on my pc so I got rid of it and turned security up higher. Seems to have worked but it does look like it comes from LRS website.

    I have a Weatherby Mark V 30-06 with a Leupold Scope 3-9 I think. Black synthetic stock. Blue barrel. I have some 30-06 Match King loaded already so I will shoot them. I think they are 168 grain but I am not sure. Its been a while..

    It shoots about a 2 inch group at 100 off of sandbags which I think is terrible. Also the trigger is very hard to pull. I plan to reduce the trigger to minimum using the set screw on the bottom and see how that goes. Thats 3 pounds I recall. Also I find it very hard to look thru the scope and see anything in the woods. This may not be fixable without changing the scope..

    I would like to reduce the trigger pull to about 1 pound or a little less. So far I let my gunsmith look at it and he removed some of the stock that was touching the barrel and also I pointed out that the mounts did not fit the barrel very well. He replaced them. He is very good but retired now I expect. That took it down to 2 inches..

    Turned out the shop that sold it to me put the wrong mounts on. He could not even identify what type they were. Thats the last time I go to that shop. They even pushed the scope too far back and the rings dented the tube just a little. All that money I spent there and they dented the scope and put on the wrong mounts.

    .I was planing to sell it and left it on consignment in another shop for a year and when I got it back the trigger was tight. I am not sure what transpired in that year. So now I am trying to get it shootng again..

    I would like advice on installing a lighter spring in the trigger assembly to reduce the pull to less than 1 pound with the adjustment screw. I plan to do it myself if I can. I don't need to be told a light trigger is dangerous or I should always take it to a gunsmith for work. Thanks..

    Also I need adivce on more methods to improve accuracy a bit. I am not to the point yet where I can increase the length of the bullet to just miss the lands but I want to do that too. .

    all the paragraphs disappeared whats up w that.
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