Jim Borden


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Sep 29, 2012
arnaudville, louisiana
i am in the market for a long range hunting rifle (400-800 yards). i have the scope and the cal picked out now i just need to narrow down the rifle. and from all the research i have been doing Jim Borden keeps popping up. and with prices from 3000-5k im sure he makes some good rifles. have any of you guys had any first hand experiance with his rifles? now for the second question is it worth the extra $1000 to get one that is proven to get .5 moa? this is going to be my GO TO rifle from now till well i die. i just want to make sure im getting the best rifle. dont ask me why but i just like the looks of his rifles and how he goes into some detail on his sight about how tight his tolerances are and the fact that he builds his own actions. thanks for the help gun)


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Nov 18, 2008
I have not bought one of his rifles, but I have had him do some work for me.

the work was good, but he is expensive, there are lots of good builders out there, also, I would hope any custom rifle would shoot .5 moa without having to pay another 1000 for it.

I am not sure if this is helpful for you or not.

the work was expensive enough, that I will not go back, I did not know what I had him do should cost at the time, or I would not have gone forward with it.

Check out RW Hart or Kevin Cram, both in PA also.

or Kirby Allen or Defensive Edge

I am sure there are others, I just mention these as bigger names and 2 that are in PA.


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Feb 23, 2008
My dad and I have a few rifles from jim and you can't beat his work. There are lots and lots of top smiths that will get you what you want. I haven't used anyone on this site, because I do most of my own builds, but if I we're, shawn or kevin would be my pick.


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Oct 31, 2009
Thunder Basin, WY
i looked at those rifles already and liked them but what actions does he use?

My LRR 243AI is a Lawton, the LRR 6.5-284 is a Stiller. I'm assuming here, but I'd guess it depends on the build.

This is my most recent build; a group at 100, another at 200 and the first time on paper at 700.

I kinda feel like the 243AI shoots better groups, but it's a heavier barrel, less recoil, smaller bullet, different stock and 4X more scope power (20X vs. 24X).


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