Jewel vs Triggertech

I have 7 jewell triggers which get used in all environments and conditions that have never failed me. I cannot say this about two other brands I have used.
Im looking for a trigger that adjusts safely from 0.5lb - 2.25 lbs. This is kind of a wish range. I think I would like 4-8 oz when shooting off the bench and about 1.75-2.25lb in the field. The point of this post is that there is more to a trigger than weight.
I would have more confidence in a jewel for your range of .5lb - 2.25 lbs over the TT special. I have no experience with the Diamond so it may be your ticket.. We have several Jewel triggers and have no problem with them.
It sound like a jard set trigger is what you are looking for. I have one on a 22-250. They are much like a cz single set trigger. About 2.5lbs normally. And if you push the trigger forward to set it, 5oz. I don’t like the jard as much as my jewells or triggertech specials though. Doesn’t seem as smooth.
I was in your situation not long ago and was down to those 2 triggers. My smith (southern precision rifles) said if you want to go below 2lbs, go jewel. If not go with the trigger tech. It was in a hunting rifle so I went with trigger tech and have no complaints.
Having used TT, Jewel, Huber, and Timney, my preference for competition-precision work is the Jewel. With many years of use, they have proven to be consistent and reliable. For tactical/PRS shooting I’m partial to a 2-stage design, and have found the Huber to be a superb trigger. I have had good results with several of my hunting rifles with the Timney, most with the 2-stage models. IMO, are well made and very reliable. While a controversial subject, I prefer a degree of over-travel with my triggers. The TT’s I’ve used have little to none.
For my bolt rifles, I've used Trigger tech specials and diamonds, Huber concept, and Timney and never had any safety issues with any of them. I have pretty much settled on TT specials as I tend to prefer just over a 2lb pull and like the crisp break with little over travel. You'd probably be better off with the Diamond if you go TT so you can get the lighter side of the set range you want. While there wasn't anything wrong with the Huber concept I tried, it wasn't adjustable and cost more so I'd have difficulty in recommending it. From the feedback above in the thread, it sounds like you really couldn't go wrong with either the Jewell or the TT Diamond.
pick one use it this time then try the other on your next rifle both are good triggers you will not be unhappy with either there is no need to over think it