Jarrett barreled 300 win


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Aug 4, 2013
West Central, Idaho
copied off my post on another forum:

Hey all, looking to clear out some rifles and this one is first up.
I have a Remington 700 long action that was sent to Jarrett where the actions was massaged and had a Jarrett spec barrel spun on. Chambered in .300 win. It’s a profile that is a bit heavier than a mag sporter. i actually quite like the tapper he uses! It was supplied by JARRETT and I’m sure it is his own profile.
The rifle was in an adl stock (hs I believe) and it was hunted with a bit. I decided to give it a freshening up so it now sits in a McMillan rem/sako (I think is what they call it) tan/blk speck
I sent the rifle and new stock to diamond t Gunsmithing and had one of Nathan’s brakes (3 port) screwed on and a thread cap made. They also cerak0ted the barreled action with new red hawk rifles metal. Both graphite blk, while it was there they bedded the action too.
When I got it back I bedded the barrel channel in marine epoxy set up with a .030 gap, the length of it. I did this due to the profile of the barrel being a bit different to the mcm inlet and while it was certainly useable beforehand I also am of the opinion that in the rain and snow, I prefer to have that stock material really impervious to water and ice and the aesthetic is perfect when this is done....something I’ve started doing on everything .
Has a worked over xmark pro trigger and is a nice crisp.
Two piece pic style mounts matched to the 8-40 screws as done by Jarrett. Cerakote to match
Really a great hunting package. Shot quality factory ammo really well. Never tried hand loads...I’d estimate it’s weighing in the 8lb range and with the brake it is a pleasure to shoot. Looks great and ready for a new home.

Was hoping to get $2800 shipped but open to offers. Obviously I’ll be happy to send pics etc. I think that’s about it. Pm me if you need anything else.
Been a bit silent the last several months or so but have had only good experiences on the fire.

Thanks all!