J4 jackets


Feb 13, 2002
This past weekend I tried some of Ralph Councils bullets in my 300 RUM and they shot extremely well. So I called him today to let him know how I made out as he just started making 30 cal longrangers.
He told me today that he is having problems getting jackets. I mean any jackets, .224, 6mm and 30's.
He said that there is a lot of rumors out there that J4s may not be sold to bullet makers like himself.
Has anyone out there heard anything of this?
There has been a lot of discussion lately on the benchrest forums about the problems with J4 jackets. I believe the parent company of J4/Berger is in financial difficulty and the bullet businesses are on the market. They have also changed their pricing structure to bullet makers, which will lead to a price increase in custom bullets.

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