"Its Time"

I was sent these a while ago....funny how the face looks like pictures people have sketched after seeing these critters...IMG_1602.jpgIMG_1601.jpg
Could explain why the one I saw looked bigger than the guys fishing on the dam...
Thank you for forwarding the pics.....
I was being sarcastic my brother. I think it is Russians version of our "Boys on the tracks". I'm sure you heard about it. Two boys fell asleep on the railroad tracks in Arkansas and were accidentally run over by a train during the Clinton years. Actually they witnessed a government sponsored drug drop and paid the price. After a half dozen versions of what happened to those folks I think it was something similar. Either the government killed them by accident or they saw something they shouldn't have and paid the price. Then the cover up and stories. I must admit if true they created a much better ruse than our folks in Arkansas did. No one believed them from day 1.

Yep 👍👆
Growing up on both sides of the state line in that area during all that stuff was crazy
Well guys, I hold a completely open mind in these sorts of incredible things. However, one thing bothers me. In this age of trail cams, of virtually everyone having a phone with a high quality camera, of drones, etc., etc., why no pics?? And why, whether it's a UFO or a Bigfoot, are any pics that do surface all blurry and grainy?? We never see a nice, clear pic of these phenomena.

Don't misunderstand; I am not a doubter. I have not seen a Bigfoot, but I've seen amazing UFO's, and I'm a pilot so I know flying machines. Unfortunately, my experiences were all before the advent of digital cameras...

Well..the night I saw Elon's flying satelites..I sure ashell had no idea what it was.....when I saw what I saw to start this thread....I wasn't sure....but I've seen nothing else like it....ever.....and no one can ever dissuade me from what I know it was........
Did you start this thread from the beginning?
Well, I did. But after about 6 pages or so I jumped to the end.

Yeah, I think a lot of times when you see something very unusual, you get tired of people doubting and/or making fun of you, so you just keep it to yourself. Probably many good stories get "stuffed" this way...

I've only told my UFO stories to about 3 or 4 people.