ISO: Savage 110

Country Bumpkin

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Sep 22, 2015
Boise, ID
Hello all, if this is in the wrong spot please move.
I’m looking to find an inexpensive Savage to gift my Son for his birthday (was going to buy him an Engage 110 but there are slim pickings out there). Not particular about caliber as I can just buy whatever barrel I need for it (.243 or similar would be fantastic). Other important consideration would be the accu-stock (need to be able to shorten up LOP as much as possible).

plan is to build this together (but initially we are just going to shoot as is, assuming I can get a low-recoiling caliber). Build components (upgraded barrel, upgraded stock, upgraded scope... will all be future rewards for grades/good behavior).
Obviously the shelves are bare at this point. Had I known that he was going to ask for a gun as his only birthday gift I’d have planned ahead and bought way before this craziness. As such, he’s 8 and I had assumed he’d have wanted a bunch of meaningless toys (I want to reward his mature decision).