Is there such thing as a Easy sheep Hunt

I've done all four and I'd say none of mine were easy.
My Rocky Bighorn was my easiest because we were able to ride horses for most of it, but once we spotted my ram we had to do some hiking to get to him.
I had to go on two Stone hunts to find success and one of the Stone hunts was a 14 day backpack trip that was grueling.
I'm not sure I would want an Easy Sheep hunt!
If you young enough to acquire 27+ points Wyoming can be very easy once you have the tag. I have not found a 70" antelope yet but can put you on over a dozen full curl rams in two different places that you can drive a truck to. But like Tontodean said this may be too easy to be fulfilling.
I'm not sure about NWT and the Yukon but in British Columbia it's illegal to transport hunters to their hunting destinations in a helicopter. What is going to happen with all the personal flying devices now beginning to hit the market is will be another question.
Only if you get caught
Desert big horn are easy if you know where they are. They do the same routine every day. We camped with our toy hauler at a place where we could turn around and every evening the extended family group would cruise through just out on the hill right next to our camp. Every morning early before the sun was out they were cruising back up the mountains. So it's not really hunting because they see you and stand motionless thinking that they are hiding. It's the same all over the west. I do lot's of off roading and you see them out riding the same area every day.

Dall sheep. Just driving down the road in Alaska you see them hanging out just below the snow line.

I don't like eating sheep especially ancient rams. So I just take their picture.

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