Is there a primer on where I can shoot?


Dec 18, 2008
I've looked through the Basics FAQ and couldn't find one.

I'm looking for a place to shoot longer than 300m and I was reading the Forest Service Website where they said something to the effect I can hunt with permit in National Forests.

Are National Forests OK places to go to target shoot keeping in mind I'd pack out my brass, targets, garbage; shoot only in safe directions; and generally not bother anyone? If not what would a suitable alternative be?

I'm located in Pullman, Washington.
A lot of the National Forests forbid "target practice". Some of them enforce it pretty strenuously. Which ever one you are thinking about using you should go up on their website and search for target practice.

If you look at the bottom of the page there are two things that limit how far back you view threads. Reset it to "beginning". There is a thread with links to rifle ranges in the United States.
I do it all the time here in Washington. There is nothing illegal about it. I've been up shooting and talked to Forest Service employees and Game Wardens.

What they don't want you to do is shoot into a tree, shoot along, from or across a maintained public road. The tree is a safety issue when they are harvested and milled. The road thing is another safety issue.

You have to have the proper license and permits to hunt there during any legal hunting season. Just remember that, in the state of Washington, you can not have a loaded firearm in or on a motorized vehicle. I checked with them and what I was told is that the law applies to any motorized vehicle on any type of land anywhere in the state of Washington. This means that if you have 1000 acres of privately owned land and park in the middle of it you can't shoot across the hood and you can't shoot out of the bed. If a loaded firearm touches the vehicle in any way they can and will ticket you. An exception would be for a person that has a concealed weapons permit. Then you could legally have a loaded handgun in the vehicle.

This is the forum BB talked about for shooting ranges. Link--> Shooting Ranges - Places To Shoot -
Let me rephrase: I heard I can shoot on BLM land, NFS land, and of course private land with permission from the owner. Are there any other places I can go to shoot?

Edit: I just found this. I'm perusing it to see what kind of goodies it has; seems like an excellent resource to find public lands... =)
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