Is my muzzle brake to big??lol

I have the same diameter brake on my 6.5 prc Proof barrel but it's only a 4 port. Very little recoil with it also. Most of the time I run the APA Fat bastard gen 3 brakes but these blend well with the 1.20 diameter barrel. I did shoot last night and noticed a slight shift in the rotation of the if your clocks are off a few milliseconds....that's not on me!😂
This is my 6.5PRC...same diameter but a 22 inch barrel vs 24 on the Creedmoor.

Just curious, can you have negative recoil? Do you have to strap it to your shoulder so it doesn't go down range? Asking for a friend.....

I am starting to rethink my need for brake!😂
Yes! WW II Bren squad machinegun on bipod in .303 if you didn't hold it tight it would walk away from you. It fired from an open bolt.