Is muzzle break necessary with 38-40 lbs or recoil?

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    I have a 300 wby mag on order and i'm about start building a 338 lapua....

    The recoil is between 38 & 41 for both (lapua will be almost 15 lbs and weatherby is a lot less)

    Should I get a muzzel brake anyway if I want to shoot out to 500 or 600 yards tops? (My long range for now!)

    Does a muzzle brake have any effect on accuracy?

    Lastly, I'm putting a vais on the lapua, but the weatherby is coming from the wby custom shop with a kreiger (the real kreiger not the criterion). Should I have weatherby put an accubrake on or have my 'smith do a vais?

    Thank You,

    DANTEC Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2002
    for 338 LM muzzle brake is not a ''must'' you can shoot without . I have shoot a 338 LM built on a BRNO ZKK 602 same barrel profil as the 458 mag recoil is strong but not terrific , that ok for an hunting rifle sure that if you plan to shoot lot of rounds that perhaps a problem and you need to take care of your eye/scope safety distance to avoid any hurt .

    I find that except for prone shooting Vaiss brake is very good you :
    you increase accuracy .
    not make more noise as a rifle without muzzle brake
    look is nice ( not a panzer muzzle brake )

    good shooting