Is a supressor a silencer?


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Jan 8, 2021
Silencers and/or suppressors are illegal to posses in CA. I’m in CA and have done a little homework and the answer is DO NOT GET CAUGHT WITH ONE IN THE STATE. I am pretty sure it is a felony (not 100% sure) and that means if you get caught and it is a felony you will be giving up your rights to own a gun too.
The politicians in this state want to take away our ability to own guns and hunt so don’t be surprised if they make more laws in the future to limit your ability to acquire different firearms and accessories

a buddy of mine has a dummy “can” or suppressor on his rifle. Just for looks and had zero function and he got harassed at a range by off duty LEO so bad one time that he took it off and will not put it back on. I do believe that if he wasn’t at a gun range with a lot of people surrounding the LEO telling him to F off he would have been arrested....a lot of LEO in CA do not have a great understanding of firearms. It was pretty clear when he pulled the trigger with the dummy suppressor it was loud and not real but the LEO had no idea because it looked like one
Yeah most Leo’s in California have forgotten their oaths to the constitution.


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