is a encore tmm ultra mag the gun for me


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Dec 19, 2009
hi guys and girls i am new to all of this and would like some input on using an encore for longer distances out to 4 to 5 hundred yard would like to get a encore for the interchangeable barrels and was really interested in the 7mm ultra mag is this the gun for me or is there a better caliber out theregun)
I think it would be overkill, you could get a 6.5x284 barrel and it would be plenty for 4-500, I have a one shot kill with a 6.5x284 pistol @ 492 yards. Plus it'll have a lot less recoil!
Ecksha I have an Encore & a few years ago inquired about an ultra mag barrel but could not find any one that made one. Bullberry out of Hurricane Utah makes a lot of different calibers for the encore but I will be interested to hear how you come out.
I eventually setteled on a custom build on a 700 rem action, bought a brand new 7mm ultra to tear down for the action , but I'm thinking of a 6mm br for a replacment rig for the encore for just fun shooting varment & targets
I have a Bullberry custom encore barrell in 7mm rem mag, 26 in, heavy sporter contour and it shoots 0.6 moa with Berger 168gr VLD in front of 64 grains of RL 22.
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