Iowa pheasants for hogs


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Jun 11, 2015
Looking to trade Very good Iowa pheasant hunting for Oklahoma or north Texas hog hunting. I have a place you can stay and the ground for you to hunt on . Small hidden crp and wet land makes for great cover. I am looking for a place for me and 2 of my buddies (maybe 3, 4 total) to kill pigs. We have been going down to central Texas for 4 years and its getting to be some what of a drive. We are serious about killing hogs if you have a hog problem. We can supply corn , and extra corn for you (if needed). Ive seen what they charge for corn down there !!! Me being an Iowa farmer I have it coming out of my ears. :D Season would come in around 1st of Nov. We would prob be wanting to kill pigs late Feb , early March.

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