IOR Scope support issue resolved!

Jeff In TX

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Aug 10, 2003
McKinney TX
While on a business trip to KC this week, I met and had dinner with Jim Maloney who is one of the IOR reps. Very nice guy wanting to do the right thing, but finding his hands tied at times.

We met at the new Cabalas here in KC and discussed the problems I've had with my IOR scope over dinner.

Bottom line, Jim is going to make things right. Though not exactly the proper solution to the issue at hand, it's a meet in the middle compromise that works for both of us.

Jim and I have worked out our own solution that is between he and I. He is going out of his way to make this right and that in it's self speaks volumes about the type of person he is. Also, he is not spending any of his own hard earned money to make this right, as I would not have agreed to him doing that. I realize this doesn't answer any of your questions, and kind of leaves everyone hanging. Sorry, but the solution is between Jim and I and do to the circumstances, it's a win win for both sides.

Consider the IOR support issue put to rest. And yes, I'll support IOR products from this point on.

Just thought I'd keep you posted.

Thanks for everyone's support and feedback on this issue.
For those interested. Jim Maloney is a very good fella. I bought my IOR from him.

His company is "Q-OPTICS", and he hangs around on AR and some others.

If you want a IOR and a "real" co. rep, give Jim a hollar. I think this situation shows the caliber of person Jim, and Jeff are..sakofan.. Jim Maloney
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Hey Jeff,I am happy you worked out the IOR thing. But I am not going to buy one as they seam not to stand behind there scopes,I think they need to be told that if you will not honor your scopes for a Workmanship problem,I will tell everyone to buy a Leupold and have a Better scope IMHO.

But I am Glad you worked it out.

Doc in Texas
Thanks for the kind words guys. IOR does still has some issues that need worked out. Unfortunatlly it is a slow learning process. IOR is trying to address these issues. Please hang in there gentlmen. We are working on it.

My hats off to Jeff, he is a good man.
I liked what I saw and felt,....that in itself is why I will be buying one soon.
I bought me a IOR 1,1-4 tactical from
But when i got it, i wasnt that happy.. I think i paid too much for what i got.. The illuminated reticle is only illuminated when you are lokking at somthing dark, the optics are unclear at the bottom.
And the biggest problem, is that I``m living in norway, so I its a lot of work sending it back (toll etc). I`ll rather buy a leupold 1,5-5 circle dot than the IOR tactical (the scope is for my Sig 551SWAT that I`m using in practical rifle competitions)
Hi guys,

I had a chance to look through one of the new IOR scopes this past weekend. It reminded me of the old Unertl scopes. Clear and bright as nice as I have seen in awhile.

It put my new Leupold 8 1/2x 25 LR M1 to shame, as far as being clear and bright.

I want one, Vern
Is the lighted crosshair adjustable on the IOR? This is the first complaint I've heard about the clarity in them FWIW. I like my crosshair lighting set very low, but I'd like it adjustable so I can make sure it isn't too bright, which is usually the problem. I know my NF NXS was set WAY too bright for my liking from the factory. When my crosshairs start to fade, that's the only time I want to see the light start to take over, just me maybe.

Jeff, glad to see you been taken care of... finally. I still have reservations about how I'd get taken care of if I had a problem, and how much trouble I'd have in the process of trying to get it done. It does seem Jim Maloney is the best avenue to take if your going to jump into one. However you did it, glad you got it worked out.

Ya know, if they had realized their initial response was the worst way to treat a customer and later offered to fix it and give you 1/2 off the next purchase or something for acting the way they did, that would have went along way with me, even though they jerked you around for quite some time over it initially. Bad news spreads much faster than good news ever does, so the good news better be **** good news to make up for the bad or it don't help a whole lot in the end.

When My NF didn't have the full range of adjustment they advertized and I wanted Jeff at Nightforce to take a look at it and see what the problem was, he had it back to me in Alaska FIXED in 48 hrs.... that's from the minute I shipped it to him too!! He explained that it wasn't cut deep enough for the turret and only had 89 MOA of adjustment, now it has 99 MOA. No charge, shipping one way is all I paid for. How's that for repair and turn around time!
I had problem with what looked to be tooling shavings in my IOR, called Valdada explained my problem. From the time it left my hands and back was 11 days and on top of that they gave me a new scope. Thats better service than I've received from Leupold. IOR is trying to be a stand-up company, they'll get their issue's straighten out and then their reputation will shine
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