IOR rings/mounts???


I tried their rings and had mixed feelings. Mike Lau at TBA built my tactical rifle and mounted the first IOR scope I got on that rifle and used there rings.

They're like the badgers, but not as much bearing surface. They are around 3/8" wide whereas the badgers are a full 1/2". Also the screws are metric and we couldn't find any trox screws to fit the rings. Two of the hex screws that came with the rings stripped as Mike tried to tighten them down to 20" pounds.

They came with my scope so I thought I'd give them a try. Mike and I decided to put badgers on. The IOR's rings will probably work great.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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I think the IOR mounts are fair. I've heard reports that the mounting screws are a little on the soft side and strip easily. But I haven't had any trouble with the ones I've tried. I'd go with the Badgers. (Don't tell anyone I said that.)

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