IOR Bucuresti Scopes


Jul 7, 2004
San Diego

Does anybody have any experience with the IOR rifle scopes. I saw them advertised on SFWA

The model I am looking at is the 4 -14x 50mm. This scope lists for $759.00.

The field of view is 38 to 9.9 feet compared to a Leupold LPS 3.5 - 14x 50mm which has a field of view of 28 to 7.2 feet and sells for 1K.

It says they use german glass and that this company makes optics parts for Lieca and some other European manufacturers.

I'm Curios to hear if anybody has ever had any experience with these or at least looked thru one?

Vic, out

I've made the change to IOR scopes. I used to be a Leuy fan, but my IOR's whip the Lueys hands down.

Jim Maloney at Q-Optics can get you the best deal. Email me and I'll get you his contact info. Jim has been in Africa hunting the last few weeks and is do back tomorrow or the next day.

You'll be very happy with the IOR scopes. The optics whoop the Lueys hands down.
Hey Jeff,
I would appreciate a contact e-mail address, etc on the scopes as well. Thanks!
I switched to IOR's this year
Best move I ever made
I have 2- 2.5-10X42 TACTS one first plane and one second
They beat my Leupys bad enough that I will eventually replace them all
Bottom line is if I can see it with my Swarovski binos I can shoot it with the 42 mm. I couldnt with the 50 mm leupy on the same power setting
It may just me but I love them IOR's

Bought my second one from Jim Maloney a Q Optics
Very nice guy and willing to help any way he can

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I've been using IOR for years. Great scopes. I currently have a 2.5-10 tacticle on my .300, and a 4.5-14 tacticle on a varmint weight 22-250. I also have a pair of their 7x40 binoculars that I carried for several years working as an outfitter. IMO they are one of the best values around in high end optics.
IOR's are good, and Jim @ Quality Optics is better!!

IOR's are very good scopes. I like the MP8 reticle, and I know Jeff in Texas and COBrad will roger this statement...sakofan..
I have had two. I think P-Steve-E bought my 2.5-10x42mm tacticle. Right, Steve??
I have the 6-24x50mm tactical with the MP8 reticle. I like the scope so much,..I have been using it exclusively this summer on crop damage permits. I know I have rifles with far more power and flatter trajectories than my 21" barreled 308,..but I like scope so much I just keep reaching for that one rifle. Glass is better than leupy,.adjustments are rock solid.
Got a 16x on my 50BMG and another one on a 223.Put a 6-24(30mm) on an 8 twist 22-250 and a 6-24(35mm) on the 6-284.They are great scopes for the money and the MP8 reticle is very versitile.The 6-24s set at 18x are MOA tics instead of modified mill dot.Also pickt up a 75 TGA spotting scope with a 30x eyepiece...great glass at a fair price and packaged in a tuff rubber case.
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