IOR 6-24x50 (35mm tube)


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Dec 5, 2004
Hey Guys,

I'm just wondering if anybody has this scope. If so, can you tell me what you think of it? One more question, can this scope focus down below 30 yards?

puter problem
lets se if this works??

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That or I gota back offa the cafine a little
This might work???

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Traded a NF br 8-32 for one of the prototypes.The glass in the 35mm IOR is better than the NF that it was traded for and better than the other 6-24 30mm IOR(good glass also) I have.The 5-22NXS will beat it for MOA adjustment but not for glass quality.
The only drawback I have found so far is the 35mm rings that come with the scope lack much quality and getting different hieght rings might be a problem??And no they will not completely focus at 30 yards but with the MP-8 reticle this is one sweet piece of equipment for long shots!!
Trick question witch one of the 6-24 IORs in the pic is the 35mm?

IORs and BMGs

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Mach V,'s the 2nd from the top right?

aren't the IOR rings that come with it,..their tactical rings? I bought a set for my 6-24x50 30mm and thought they were very well built. Are yours different that the steel tacticals?
You will not be disapointed in the 35mm IOR,its one great piece of glass!!How much they gettin for the 35mm units these days?
In the pic with the 4 scopes they are as listed
6-20 Leupold VX3
16x IOR(rings are NF)
8-32 NF br
6-24 IOR 30mm
The trick is in the pic with the scopes mounted on my 6-284 and 22-250,one is a 30mm and the other is a 35mm or is it the other way around

The rings that come on the 35mm are lighter duty than the 30mm IOR rings I have,but then this was just a prototype( serial#203)
That's good to know. If/when I order mine in 35mm,..I will be very carefull to verify the ring integrity before paying,...I ASSumed they would have been a set of the tactical rings.
Hey Mach V,

I see the pictures now. Trick question answer is.........neither of them are 35mm... Am I right?

Hey, I'm probably going to get the 35mm.

One more question. Do you think you could get me a specific answer on exactly how far your IOR 6-24 will focus down to? If not, no problem.

Thanks for the help.
Just C
The rings are tacticle of sorts its just that the clamping bolt is threaded all the way and not formed for the slots like the better rings

Its foggy/hazy out today and wet from new snow so it is dificult to be real specific.Both the 30mm and 35mm 6-24 would focus at 50 yards set at 24x but thats as close as they would focus.The 30mm would focus down to 25' set at 6x.I tryed to turn the power down on the 35mm only to be reminded of IORs akelies heal(the tubes dont like to be stressed or pinched when mounted).I field mounted the 35mm and did not/could not check alienment of the rings.I asume the mounts on the remington are off a little and binding the scope as the power will not turn down past 12x.
Not ben a problem as I only use them at full power anyway.I tryed to set them at 18x so the MP-8 would read in MOA instead of 1/2Mills but found that it was dificult to calibrate good enough for prairie dogs.Definately something I want to correct this winter though with a NF 20moa one piece base.
In the pic the Ruger 8twist 22-250 with the Boydes stock and harris bipod is fitted with a 6-24x30mm IOR.The Remington 6-284 with a benchrest stock is fitted with the 6-24x35mm.The trick part of the question is that I had enough trouble finding 30mm rings for the Ruger with thier intagrated mounts,35mm would have to be custom made.
Got my curiosity up though....why is it important for a long range scope to be able to be focused closer than 75 yards,you mounting it on a BB gun
Hey Mach,

Thanks for all the testing you did for me. Very appreciated. What am I going to put this scope on? Hmmm
I think you already guessed it
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