IOR 35mm tube



I just received a IOR 6x10x50 scope with MP8 Retical But the tube is "35mm" not 30mm any review on this scope
I've never seen their 6X10 - 50mm with a 35 mm tube. I've looked at there web site and I can't find that scope.

They have a scope made for AR's which is a 6 x 30mm Super M2 scope which comes with their 35 mm rings.
Would like to hear your feedback on the scope once you've tried it out.
Sorry My fault 6x24x50 w/35mm tube



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That kind of puts a hamper on your ring selection?

I guess that I can no longer say that I have the largest IOR scope anymore. What was the price difference between the 30mm and 35mm tubes?

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I got it on e-bay, with IOR rings and butler creek caps for 810.00, from what I understand it is one of the 1st pre production modles??
With a tube that large, how much minutes of windage and elevation do you get each way!

That looks like one long an large scope. I couldn't find that scope on there web site, but I'll look again. I guess it came with their 35 mm rings.

Is this the new trend with scope manufactures? I know S&Bender had a scope w/ a 34 mm tube, but it never caught on, best I could tell.

I tried to get torgue screws for the rings they sent me. Couldn't find any to fit as they are threaded metric. Best of luck to you with the scope. Let us know what you think
That must be the pre-production model,...I called and talked to the owner/importer last week. He tells me that they will be here in about 60days. I was inquiring about the 6-24x50 with the 35mm tube that is to be illuminated as well. That pretty much takes care of hunting and match shooting needs all in one

I looked at the glass and messed with the focus and adjustment integrity at the 1000yd match in Quantico this weekend (the VA and NC rep was there with all his demo's),..nice product,..very nice.

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