SOLD/EXPIRED IOR 2.5-10X42 Tactical SPF

Jon A

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Dec 28, 2001
Mukilteo, WA
For Sale. Too many scopes, can't afford to keep them all. I know I'll regret selling this one though as this scope has been nothing but 100%, but I gotta make room.

Don't confuse the recent 3-18FFP problems with this one, this model is tough as nails. Hundreds of rounds on my rifle and asking for more! The very last 100 yd group shot with this scope was well below 1/2", perfectly centered in the bull. I have 100% confidence in this scope. My very last whitetail buck, taken from 474 yds away with a single shot:


It has the "1/2 MOA" knobs (they actually measure .45 IPHY) which are extremely positive like you're breaking glass between the clicks. Absolutely perfect tracking.




Unbelievable glass at this price. I've seen bullet holes at 300 yds in good conditions. A view through it (in mediocre conditions):


(Gong is 1000 yds away, the circle on it is 12" diameter.)

A couple very small scratches in the finish on the power ring and turret cover. Relatively mild ring marks. Asking $700 shipped and insured. I'll hate to see it go, but I have to.
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