Introduction - New Here


Aug 30, 2021
Beale AFB
New to the site and figured I'd introduce myself. I grew up in a hunting family and continued the pursuit after leaving home. I now have a couple decades under my belt of consistent success here out west for Elk and Mule Deer but am always looking to learn. Though I still pick up a rifle from time to time, I consider myself an archery hunter at heart. I've put more animals in the freezer with my bow than with any of my firearms combined.

Im not extremely well off by any means but am blessed to be able to provide a semi-comfortable lifestyle for my family. I've been saving for several years now and have a bucket-list hunt coming up in 2022 for Caribou in Alaska. I've only shot factory guns however I began handloading my ammunition about 8 years ago. I joined this forum to learn more about custom/semi-custom long range hunting rifles and calibers. I will be hunting in some wide open tundra and may need to take further shots than I'm used to. I'd like to either rebuild off an action I currently have or find a decent deal here in the classifieds. My main issue is just that I'm not sure where to start. Haha seems like there are a million contradicting opinions on what's best but I'll sort through it

Looking forward to meeting you all and contributing where I can.