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Jun 12, 2001
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Finding good boots for women is a serious problem. It seems the boot makers have two thoughts 1. Just relabel the mens boots or 2. Just recut the men's boots. Either way a size 7 or 8 womens boots will be stiffer than a railroad tie because they do not rework the sole to perform well for the smaller foot. If you should go into Bass Pro or Cabelas looking for women's boots you encounter two expressions 1. Out of Stock meaning they never order them and actually have any women's boots and 2. Discontinued and the new model is not in yet. You are more likely to find 8 inch stiletto spike high heels than a good pair of women's boots at a sporting goods store.

Now that we have discussed boots let us discuss the male chauvinistic pig who orders the women's hunting clothes. At Cabelas and Bass Pro you will find more pink and red T-shirts with sparklies on them than camouflage T-shirts. And most of them will have some vulgar or suggestive saying on them. Interestingly enough the camo companies have the same opinions as the boot makers and every women's shirt and pants is sized and cut to fit a man weighing at least 350 pounds. The companies are too lazy to provide any clothes that are actually shaped like a women and that a women would find comfortable to wear all day. If you are bored and wish to waste all day then go to Cablelas and look for a womens "small" camo shirt or pants. If you would like to hear some inventive lies ask a saleperson about where you the small sizes are. First thing they will do is direct you to the "Boys" and when you insist that most women are not shaped like boys they will then provide you new insight into inventive excuses.

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Nov 6, 2008
british columbia, canada
it rily is a same that thouse companies don't put more time and efort in to their womans lines cuse if they did they would sell a whole lot more. the other bonus would be that if our wifes and girl friends had something more comfertable to where while hunting they would more likey want to go hunting with us more and that is some thing i would like to see is more of.

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