Interesting You Tube video on ELR stuff

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Thought some might find this 1.5 hour interview interesting in relation to ELR

The only error I see I made when doing the interview was I referenced my old 375VM2 being based off of a “505” African when it really should of been 585 African necked down to the 375. I had 505 in my head because of working and testing the 505 Flat line in my 416 Warner now.

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Jeff Heeg osoh

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Sep 12, 2019
Wow its cool you found the old interview, I’m always here if you folks ever have any questions. I have been given the opportunity to still participate and try to help folks with questions as well as learn from here.

3 years running sp6x6
Our little Wisconsin t-shirt gang has nailed the KO2M tough cold bore target 3 years in a row and have had our share of being in the finales as well. Its always some great challenging conditions-winds at the Whittington Center with the mountains and the lay of the land. A great experience but I am wanting to try some other shoots this year when things get back to normal. Kansas at Spear Point is a great stop as well.

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