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Jan 10, 2010
Virginia Beach, Va
I say it's interesting, because I've really gotten in to getting really close to kill whitetails. I had one shot this year at 12 feet. Ear to Ear with a thirty ought-six, two holea bout the size of a large thumb.
Hope you enjoy this site. You can learn a lot of things here, lots of good tips and knowledge. I enjoy it a lot, and learn every day.
Welcome, LRH has a lot of the same appeal and feeling as taking game eye to eye. I get the same rush from both, two ways to the same great feeling at the end of a day of hunting.:D
Welcome, glad to have you here. Lots of good folks and lots of good info. Enjoy.
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Im not a long range hunter either....yet. Ive only made a couple kills in the 400 yd range. I love to shoot long range tho! it gives you so much more confidence in your rifle. In the last 4 years I havent killed a critter past 168yds or closer than 2 yards(deer scared the hell outa me and me him...I won) but if given the oppertunity with the right equipment and lots of practice id bump it out quite a bit.
Lots of guys on here really know thier stuff and have top notch equipment that they know intimately. I know Ive learned alot in a short time here and Ive been around guns and hunting my whole life. This site is a great tool for obtaining information on guns of all kinds (for use near or far) as well as answering questions that pertain to anything (legal) that goes boom. Something for everyone.
I love to get in close too, its a RUSH! But so can distance. Try it on for size, but be warned, its ADDICTING!!!:D
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