interested in rechambering a .308win, any interesting wildcats?


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Sep 15, 2009
SW MT or noVA
I'm interested in rechambering my .308 winchester to make it a little more exotic, and i feel the recoil is too mild. I would feel more confident of it's power if it kicked a little more. I don't know which wildcats would be possible but im looking for something with a little more punch at longer ranges. Any ideas or comments would be appriciated. If you know of an interesting wildcat just post a little information about it.

308 is just fine, just build a really light rifle and shoot 200 grain bullets in it, that should make it kick more, therefore giving you peace of mind.

338-08 AI sounds interesting, how much muzzle velocity/energy does it get with a typical .338 lrh bullet say a Sierra mk or Berger vld? And how are the cases formed? Are they necked up .308s and then the shoulder bumped back?
If your rifle is a short action trying to get those long .338 match bullets out far enough to not rob the case of powder capacity might be tough. I shoot a .260AI, recoils less than the .308 unfortunately, but hits with more authority at long range.
4.5k ft lbs sounds very nice :) can a Remington 700 short action really e rechambered to this massive cartridge??

30-378 Weatherby, of course it can. Single shot, have to pull the bolt out to pull a loaded round out of the chamber and possibly even to load it, how convenient, LOL.

Fireformimg is done without a bullet. I will not post powder charges on any website but, Red Dot powder, fiberfill wad produces great brass. The post about the long bullets is on target. If long range bullets are your goal go to a 338 Win. 338 RUM.
Exactly how sure are you that a Rem 700 short action can be rechambered to 30-378 WBY?

Why couln't it? If it can be done on a long action it can be done on a short action, but like I pointed out, not conveniently. Just open up the bolt face and load it and ejected like an artillery round, hell, you wouln't even need the port. Just pull the bolt all the way out, drop the round in and put the bolt back in, same to eject. That's how I eject a loaded round out of my short action 6.5-284 Norma, port not big enough!

It can be done, but I wouldn't do it!

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