Installed Farrel 40 MOA base on my 110BA...

green 788

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Feb 5, 2005
I haven't cared much for the "tacti-cool" look of the scope base which comes on the Savage 110BA rifle. The side rails and elevated front rail (all part of the same scope base) might be something some folks can use, but for my part, right now... I don't need that. It cuts into your hands if you don't grab the rifle right, and adds unnecessary weight to an already unwieldy rifle...

Here's the rifle with the original base...

Here's the base, once I took it off...

Farrel 40 MOA base, installed and bedded with JB Weld...

now with the scope put back on...

The 20 MOA base just isn't enough to stretch the legs of the .338LM, so I'm wondering why Savage thought it wise to go with a 20 MOA base on these rifles. Granted, the 300 Win Mag is also offered on the 110BA platform, but maybe Savage could have split the difference and put these out with 30 MOA bases.

This will drop the weight of a rifle a few ounces, for sure... and the "top heaviness" of the whole design should be helped some as well.

I've used Weaver Tactical rings, two sets, but they're aluminum and don't really weigh but half as much as Badgers do, so I can use 4 rings for the same amount of weight, and if one of the cross bolt nuts comes un-torqued... no problem... the scope will stay put. :) I think this set up will ultimately be less prone to mount loosening issues often seen with two ring systems.

That said about the rings, however... I could now drop the scope height with some lower rings, now that the objective bell doesn't have to clear the front tactical rail... I'll think about that... I like to have a scope as low as possible, and as I mentioned, this design is top heavy, and wants to cant left or right on the S bi-pod with just the slightest amount of persuasion either way...

True, the "personality" of the 110BA is humbled a bit when you take that tacti-cool rail off... but with Farrel's 40 MOA base, I can dial out to about a mile now with the Mark 4 scope I have. :)


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