inletting McMillan A2 or A5 for Sako 75?


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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
I would like to put my 6PPC varminter into a McMillan tactical stock but after having spoken to the people at McMillan they said it could be made to fit, although some of the tang area would be left sticking out, since it was designed to be inlet for a Rem 700. They don't make an "A" series stock for the Sakos.

Can anyone here tell me how it might come out?

Could a competent smith add some material to build up the stock around the protruding tang?

I'm thinking about an A5 for my Sako TRG-S and Dick Davis at McMillan said the same thing about the tang area to me. He said they could build up the tang area with fiberglass and paint it for an additional charge. If they can do it I'm sure a good smith could too.
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