Information on Savage vs Browning 300WM.


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Jan 16, 2018
I'm narrowing in on a new gun (300 Win Mag), and like the looks of the following. I'd love to hear from folks that have experience with them, and better yet get some measurements and info I can't find readily on the web.

1) X-Bolt Pro Long Range - These are running about $1700, so they're outside my budget, unless I heard LOTS of reports on just how amazing they are.

X-Bolt Hells Canyon Long Range - These are running around $1100. Are the "Pro" upgrades worth the extra money in the above rifle?

3) Savage 110 High Country - These are running about $900. These are so new, there's just not much information on them to be found (besides the typical glowing gun rag stuff).

I have essentially the same questions about all three...
  • For the Brownings, does the stated barrel length include the muzzle break?
  • How long is the mag box, and/or, what OAL will get close to the lands with something like a 208 ELDM or 210ish Berger
  • How do you like the stock? On the Brownings, is the cheek weld good for a big scope? Is the adjustability of the new Accustock suitable?
  • What sort of "average" accuracy are you seeing with good ammo? Not "I got this one sweet group", but overall with a couple different bullets. I'm an experienced reloader, and will obviously try to find the best for my rifle, but general accuracy reports are very helpful.

I'm leaning towards the Savage, as I've been happy with my LRH, and the price is right. The ability to do a drop in barrel replacement is very attractive too (already have the tools, and did it for my LRH). I shoot a LOT, and will undoubtedly need a new one in a couple of years. My only dislike with the Savages, is the short (3.5") mag box, which I assume hasn't changed on the new crop of Accustock rifles, though I hope I'm wrong.

I don't think I'm going to consider any other brands/makes, as I have some fairly specific desires, but who knows. I'm doing some research on building a rifle too, but that's not particularly relevant to this thread.

So, let's hear from those of you with some experience behind any of these rifles.



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Oct 25, 2007
Tennessee, USA
My vote is: 2) X-Bolt Hells Canyon Long Range - $1100
  • Quality is top-notch.
  • Accuracy is very good (but Savage is probably equal here).
  • It does NOT have a 'sliding-plate-extractor' which is a weak-link in the Savage. It has a pivoting-type extractor (won't break).
  • Resale value will be greater on the Browning vs. the Savage (not that you'll EVER sell it)
I don't see the value of the $600 'premium' to get the Pro model, but each person has to weigh their wants and needs against disposable income in this regard.

I think Savage makes a fine rifle and the ability to switch barrels easily is a major plus. Their accuracy is usually very good, too. I do not like the extractor design and they don't bring as much when sold down the road. But it is $200 less money, so tough decision.

I don't think you'd be going wrong with either of these two choices. (The "Pro" is just at a totally different price point. You'd have to REALLY want it to go that route.)


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Apr 8, 2013
The Browning has 26" of actual barrel, plus the brake. Mag length is 3.6". The stock lends itself well to a 50mm scope, and even better with a 44. You'd probably want an adjustable cheek price for anything larger. Both my xbolts are very accurate with all types of ammo, but so are all my savages also. The x-bolt has an 8 twist barrel, if that matters to you.

Overall, I think the Browning is a nicer rifle. Not a knock on the Savage at all though.

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