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Nov 18, 2008
Australia Queensland
I have done very limited reloading at the moment I have a lee loader for my 30.06 and another for the 7.62x54r. For the last couple of years they have served my needs. So far I have just stuck to the recomendations that came with the lee loader's instruction sheet. Most of the information and discussions here are currently beyond what I understand, where do you suggest I look for a basic starters information guide. At the moment I don't have an experienced reloader to learn from.
At the front of all the manuals that I have there is all you need to get started. Follow the directions. It will come. And do not just allow yourself just one book. I have Hornady, Speer, Barnes, and alot of others. I also only use online info from sites like Combined Technoligies.lightbulb
If you want to jump in with both feet, get a copy of Glen Zediker's Handloading for Competition, available from Sinclair. It will make the discussions relevant for you.
"..where do you suggest I look for a basic starters information guide."

In a Lee or Lyman loading manual. They provide good, clearly written instructions and excellant illustrations understandable by newbies. And lots of really good loading data as well.

An alternate opinion of Ziedeker's book? Glenn obviously knows what he's taking about but he's a college professor who loves to hear himself; there's tons of wordy chaff to be sifted through for the occasinal kernal of useable wheat! Few experienced loaders would go to the trouble of reading it all for the small amount of real help he offers. And he will surely confuse a new guy much more than he would help. (IMHO)

Much better to stick with the more focused newbies guides listed above.!
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