Info on some rifles Im looking to buy

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  1. Deadballz

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    Feb 22, 2011
    First off the gun will be used for target, hunting whitetail, black bear, and hoping miss piggy in the future. The only range near me is only 100yrds. I am working on getting the permission from a farmer to throw some bullets down his field. Shot range on my hunts is from 20 yrds to 500 max for now in the mountains and open farm land. I am wanting to get into long distance shooting and reloading. As for now I hunt with a .270 Rem 710 model with a Nikon glass. Enjoy the gun (got it for christmas when I was 18) but cant customise it because I was told its all one piece. Im just the basic hunter that knows how a gun works looking to get deeper into a sport I love.

    I'm looking at the Browning X-bolt Varmint Special in the matte blued barrel version, the X-bolt medallion or a Savage 14C all in the .300wsm cartridge. My question is out of these guns does anyone have any negatives or positives. Im leaning more towards the browning Varmint special for the lighter trigger pull and thumb hole stock. Which ever gun I buy I will add a brake on it for sure. I'm not into syn black stocks with shinny barrels. My budget is $900ish without glass. I buy guns to keep and pass down to my son one day. Thank you for helping out a new guy. Glad I stumbled across these forums... my head has been spinning with all the info I have been reading on here.
  2. roninflag

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    Feb 27, 2006
    THE GUN (as you have already found out ) is more important than the caliber. remington 700 sendero. or winchester laredo. paint the barrel black if it is the wrong color.
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    Jan 8, 2011
    Some like to tell you that one brand is the best well I call BS! As for the ones you mentioned the savage will most likely have an accuracy and cost advantage but the browning will have better looks and feel.