Info on 220 swift AI, 22 243 , 22-6mm


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Jan 20, 2010
Anyone have any reload info 220 swift AI, 22 243 , 22-6mm shooting bigger bullets 70-80grs??????????
Believe the newest Hornady reloading manual has 22/6mm info.

I shoot a 22/6mm AI. 75 gr AMax from 3700 to 3900+. I keep the speed in the 3750 fps range to extend barrel life.
I shoot the 220 weatherby rocket which was Roy's first wildcat. It is off the blown out 220 swift case and about the same as the 220 swift AI. My accuracy loads with a 52 grain match bullet hit around 4100 fps with 47 grains of IMR4350.
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