Info for a friend please


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Aug 19, 2009
Chuckey TN
My friend is wanting to buy himself a new deer rifle. Currently shoots a Rem 788 in 6mm but wants to step up to a Mossberg 4x4 in 7mm Rem Mag.

My question is: Does anyone on here have any hands on experience with one? I've read a few posts saying people have gotten one, but no substantial reviews. All I can find online is the typical "Best cheap rifle ever" and things of that nature.

This will become his primary deer rifle. Mainly stand hunting in the woods of WV. Farthest shot on his property I've seen is roughly 300yards, maybe 350 if the angle is right.

I tried to talk him into a Tikka or Savage, but there's something about that Mossberg 4x4 that draws him too it.

Thanks in advance guys.

No experience with the 4x4 but the 7mag will rock at those ranges. Do a Google search for the Mossberg 4x4 and a hit from Shooting Times will come up. Greg Rodriguez gives good reviews for the rifle. Good luck. JohnnyK.
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