In between 7mm-08 & .308


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Feb 1, 2008
So today I got out with my final load development on the 7mm-08 to true up the ballistic app and make sure my loads are doing what they should. . My 162ELDX are running at a mild 2658 and the 168ABLR are running 2685 I believe. 1 more grain of powder in the ABLR and a shorter bearing surface. But the fun part was dialing out for a 520 yard shot with both rounds. This was the longest I could see a hit at today on some rocks for my short drive to the dessert. But dialed up and placed all six shots into about 4 inch area. I hope to get out one more time to some 700 to 800 yard stuff so I can know that its hitting where I aiming at and the loads, BC, velocity, etc are working as they should But for now if its a deer at 500 it will be dead. Also this was in a 10 to 11 mph cross wind today.