SOLD/EXPIRED Impact 737 6.5 Creed 22"


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May 1, 2011
Gillette, Wy
Want to sell an Impact action, TT diamond trigger, 22" 6.5 Creedmoor. Exactly 400 rds down the tube and action, Mullerworks barrel. This chamber is extremely tight, not an insurmountable problem with the RCBS small base die included, along with 200 pcs of twice fired brass. I pulled the expander ball and sized, the ran a black nitrided .262 mandrel down the necks for seemingly perfect neck tension, included also.
I want 1550 for the action and trigger, shipped. The chambered barrel, dies, brass, etc.. is free. If the package does not interest you and you want just the action and trigger, I'll pull the barrel and keep the extras for 1500 shipped. My FFL to yours.
I cannot see a blemish one, this was a failed project due to the stock used, just want it gone now. My pics suck, as always, I can try do better but trust me, pristine condition.
Work done by LRI.


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