I'm in the Edge Aussie club


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May 2, 2008
Sydney , Australia
Picked her up early this week.

Yeh mate he was wrapped with the time he spent down there. Now if he can just give up pearl diving he may get to do a bit more of it.

Hopeing to take her out next weekend.
Glad to see its finally finished :)

Got my 7mm wsm a few weeks back and been trying to get a nice load worked up! Hope you get it shhotin soon so you can let us see the results! gun)
Mark V action
S/S 28 inch lilja barrel
DE 4 port break
NF 20 MOA rail and UL NF rings
NF 5.5-22 x56 NPr2
HS Stock fully bedded
Action trued with a .370 neck

Now if this wind will just leave i can shoot it.
And mine is taking even longer. Stupid paperwork. That international import certificate came as a bit of a shock after already having my b709 import permit approved. Once the IIC comes back I can finally apply for the export permit.
Hi Jawz..

Since I have an Accumark can you tell me who did the gunsmithing on it? What was it before hand a 300 Weatherby?

Is it the same smith Top Shot is using (Shane Clancy) that could take a while as he is back logged..

How does it feed.. or do you single load...? Love to see how she goes on paper etc..

I was thinking of using a N/Z truflight barrell to speed things up a bit.. Just toying with it at the moment as 2010 project.
Well i finaly got out to try the out the Edge.

I fired the old 1 shot clean 1 shot clean regime @ 100m and did the barrel break in ( Had to for warrenty ). Must admit sighting in with a clean barrel each time was fun but i got there.
After i had it on @ 100m i sighted it in for the 200m 0 and then fired 2 5 shot groups.


The 91grn group was close to the 92 but i made the adjust and go it more where i want it. After fireing the 92 grn group i made a .25 corretion to the hieght and then fired the last 5 rnds at 450m

To say i'm happy is an under statement
the gun is shooting .5 or better out to 450m so far and i have only fired 35 rnds.

Shane did all the smithing and i had the same wait that Norm is having at the moment .

The gun was a 300 wby accumark and it dose feed although i single round feed it.

If you are going to build 1 i suggest starting now for next saeson as it takes a while.
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