I'm going to like this rifle!


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Jul 31, 2011
W. KY.
A couple years ago I screwed together a pair of LH Savages, one in 260 and the other 22-250, both use Shilen Select Match 24" barrels.

All I've done with the 22-250 is punch paper, but this morning I used it for it's intended purpose. It was built as a pack around coyote/groundhog rifle. At 9lbs 4oz it's not a light weight but compared to my 12lb+ mdl 12 22-250 it's a featherweight. Normally I'd use the heavy rifle here but have let myself run out of ammo for it.

This morning this little groundhog came out in the beanfield behind my shop so I grabbed the mdl 10, the rests and got set up.

He was 434 yards. In the first photo you can see my shop on the hill in the background, that's where my bench is set up.
Thanks for sharing. It’s fun to drool over the 5000+ dollar rigs folks are running on here…it’s equally fun to be reminded time and again of what savages are capable of day in day out. I like mine. No custom barrels or builds yet but the 111 long range hunter .300 win mag is the most accurate rifle I own right now, and back a few years ago I was given a rifle to have some fun with for a summer before returning :) … an older and well scuffed up savage model 12 single shot with a barrel thicker than anything I’ve ever seen and the real wood target type stock with a very comfortable palm swell vertical grip. .220 swift. I had never got the point of the fast .22s when 6mms exist…until
I got
To play with that rifle myself. I was simply in love. Would have been just perfect for what you were up to here 😁