I'm Done with a Bipod on My Hunting Gun

Y'all are missing out if you haven't tried the spartan javelin bipod with a sleek gunsmith adapter. Bipod is in my vest pocket and I can pop it on in seconds if the shot allows...if not ,oh well it's only 6 oz and not on my gun. Shoot regular beyond 1k with a 300 and it does well. Its not as solid as a rugged ridge or harris maybe but I can't really tell for what I do.
I also have trekking poles, loop the wrist loops over the other pole and I have shooting sticks...I also have an arca plate so I can click it into my glassing tripod. I'm usually packing the tripod for binos and spotter anyway.
Even in brushy nw Montana , to the Missouri River breaks to Southwest Montana I usually end up with a prone ish shot. Maybe I'm planning my stalks that way, etc ..I dunno.