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    Dec 19, 2011
    The FWP Commission recently changed the deadline for Deer and Elk permits from June 1st to March 15th. This change effects both resident and nonresident applicants for deer and elk permits in 2012.

    One benefit to this change is the results will be available much earlier, thus allowing for more time to plan your fall hunting trip. With the new deadline in place drawing results are expected to be available by the mid to late April. Which is three months earlier than the previous system produced.

    The down side effects nonresident applicants that want to know if they drew a general license before they apply for a limited quota permit. In this case the applicant must choose whether they want to spend the additional money for the limited permit along with spending money on a general license combination, which amounts to approximately $25-$30.00 per species.
    he deadline for antlerless Deer B, Elk B, Antelope, and Antelope B license applications remains June 1, 2012.
    Moose, sheep, goat and bison license application deadline remains May 1, 2012.
    Applicants will also have the added benefit of utilizing a “New and Improved” application packet. This packet is available online at www.fwp.mt.gov or by mail, and provides a very simplified and effective format. Montana FWP essentially compressed 120 pages of hunting regulations into 8 pages of useful information for applicants to help them choose their license package and special permit options.
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    SO they get to sit on our money and let it make money for another 15 days before they decide to do the draw. What a joke. Suprised they do not move all of them up, I am sure they will soon. Now they dropped the discounted price for youth and seniors, GOOD JOB MT FWP!! Again, what a joke.

    Hell, lets bring in some more wolves to kill more big game and reduce the number of hunters coming into the state, then we can raise prices again....... Good thinking guys, way to look out for the hunters.

    Nuff ranting.